Solar Powered Water Pumps

Solar Powered Water Pumps

A Solar Powered Water Pump runs on electricity which is generated by photovoltaic panels. The difference between a normal electric pump and a solar pump is that the solar pump operates on Direct Current (DC) while a normal electric pump works on Alternative current (AC). The DC current produced from the PV panels is delivered to the controller and then directly to the pump. When the sun’s irradiation is high, more current is transferred to the pump and the pump works on higher speed pumping greater volume of liquid. Further, if an AC pump is used, an inverter is necessary to convert the DC generated from PV panels to AC. However, the panel and inverters must be sized accordingly to accommodate the inrush characteristic of an AC motor. Since DC systems tend to have overall higher efficiency levels than AC pumps of a similar size, the costs are reduced as smaller solar panels can be used.

Driven by Solar

  • 01 Why you should use a Solar Powered Water Pump
  • 02 Operational Expenses
  • 03 Photovoltaic Systems

01 Why you should use a Solar Powered Water Pump

The operation of a DC solar pump is more economical due to low maintenance costs and zero operation costs. This product is very useful where electricity is expensive or is unavailable. This technology is used to deliver drinking water as well as for irrigation purposes and swimming pool filtration.

02 Operational Expenses

There are no operational expenses.

03 Photovoltaic Systems

The lifetime of the Photovoltaic System is theoretically longer than 25 years. The Photovoltaic modules have a Linear Performance Guarantee of 25 years. A Linear Performance Guarantee represents a continually decreasing performance guarantee. This guarantees a maximum performance reduction of a fixed percentage over a period of 25 years. The PV modules will perform at 78-82% of their initial performance. The Photovoltaic inverters have warranties that range from 5 years to 20 years depending on the brand of choice. The mounting systems have a 20-year warranty. All the electrical equipment used also has warranties of up to 20 years.

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