Autonomous Photovoltaic Systems

Autonomous Photovoltaic Systems

Autonomous or Off-Grid Photovoltaic Systems are installations that are not connected to the electricity grid. All the energy is produced, stored and used on site.

There are different type and dimensions of autonomous systems which can range from a simple cabin installation to a system that can provide electricity for an entire village in remote areas. Apart from the photovoltaic modules; batteries, inverters and charge controllers are main components for an off-grid system.

With the cost reduction of the main components, Autonomous Photovoltaic Systems are becoming more competitive compared to systems that involve the use of fossil fuels such as a Diesel Generator.

The configuration and design of an Autonomous Photovoltaic System demands a detailed analysis of the input variables of the system (average irradiation, equivalent hours of light, orientation, inclination, shading) and of the output variables (loads, time of use, autonomy).

When there is not a backup system from other sources, you cannot take the risk that users remain without power thus it is important to install a System of appropriate size.

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  • 01 Maximum Power of Autonomous Photovoltaic Systems
  • 02 Eligible Applicants
  • 03 Operational Expenses
  • 04 Photovoltaic Systems

01 Maximum Power of Autonomous Photovoltaic Systems

Autonomous Photovoltaic Systems can be installed according to the needs of the producer- consumer without any limit to the maximum power of each system.

02 Eligible Applicants

Every consumer has the right to apply.

03 Operational Expenses

There are no operational expenses.

04 Photovoltaic Systems

The lifetime of the Photovoltaic System is theoretically longer than 25 years. The Photovoltaic modules have a Linear Performance Guarantee of 25 years. A Linear Performance Guarantee represents a continually decreasing performance guarantee. This guarantees a maximum performance reduction of a fixed percentage over a period of 25 years. The PV modules will perform at 78-82% of their initial performance. The Photovoltaic inverters have warranties that range from 5 years to 20 years depending on the brand of choice. The mounting systems have a 20-year warranty. All the electrical equipment used also has warranties of up to 20 years.

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