Monitoring, Maintenance and Technical Asset Management

The professional Monitoring, Maintenance and Technical Asset Management services ensures that Photovoltaic installations will maintain high levels of technical and consequently economic performance over its lifetime. Currently, it is widely acknowledged by all stakeholders that these services mitigate the potential risks, improve the return on investment.

A&I Solar can provide you with these services depending on your individual needs and Photovoltaic system.

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  • 01 Monitoring
  • 02 Maintenance
  • 03 Technical Asset Management

01 Monitoring


Performance monitoring

Performance analysis & improvement

Issue detection

Service dispatch

Security monitoring

interface (optional)


System controls

Power generation forecasting (optional)

Grid operator interface, grid code compliance

Maintenance scheduling


Reporting to Technical Asset Manager

Spare parts management


02 Maintenance

System Maintenance

Preventative maintenance

Corrective maintenance

Extraordinary maintenance (optional)

Site Maintenance

Module cleaning

Vegetation management

Dust removal

Additional Services

General site management (Pest control, Water/waste management,Roads/fences/buildings/drain maintenance,

Maintenance of surveillance system)

On-site measurements (Meter readings, String measurements, Thermal inspection)

03 Technical Asset Management

Reporting to Owner

PV System performance

Monitoring & Maintenance performance


Regulatory Compliance

Legal requirements


Power generation license

Building & environmental permits

Additional Services

Warranty Management

Insurance Claims

Contract Management

Surveillance & Security Management

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